I was only a few pages into the new HGTV Mag when I came across Regina Easter’s AMAZING craft room! You know how some people covet cars or handbags or kitchens? We’ll I’m all about the craft room and this is basically what I would love to have in my house!

The key to a good craft space isn’t how much stuff you have, or even the quality of what you have - it’s all about presentation and organisation. You could have a top of the line sewing machine, but if it’s buried under a pile of junk then it’s no use to you! Also, once everything has a place (and you know where to find it) you will find it all that much easier to create, and save money by not having to re-purchase items you’ve lost. I’m very guilty of this - I now have four hot glue guns and millions of sticks because I could never find one!

Even if you don’t have a whole room to take over, there are tons of great ideas to borrow from Regina’s room - I plan on making my own lazy Susan caddy for all of my string that’s currently stashed in a box somewhere. There are lots more amazing tips too, so go get the new mag and lust along with me!

P.S - in the editors section there’s pink toilet paper. I have never wanted something so ridiculous and fripperous in my life.